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The Nokomis Advisory Team

The Escape Artist

John Martinka

As The Escape Artist® John is known for:
- Creating large exits for small businesses™ so the owner can exit their business with style, grace, and more money.™
- Helping executives escape the corporate world by buying the right business the right way.
- Accelerating businesses so they can escape their plateau, often via growth by acquisition; dramatically increasing the value of the company.

His books are the roadmap to help clients get the results they want, with our guidance.

Getting the Deal Done

With over 25 years of advising business sellers and buyers John has:

· Analyzed over 1,000 companies.
· Helped facilitate well over 150 deals.
· Become a valued resource for our network of clients and advisors.
· Been a “Breath of Fresh Air” to his clients as they seek to buy or sell a business.

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Business Development & Client Success

Jessica Martinka

Working with her dad since 2018 Jessica has quickly become a key component in helping find and match buyers with sellers.. As a key interface between clients and prospective buyers Jessica screens potential matches for our clients to accelerate win-win deals.

Her people skills allow her to quickly screen potential business buyers. When not working she enjoys being on the water, walking with friends, and volunteering, including at Hopelink.

Getting the Deal Done

In the world of M&A (business buy-sell) the deal is the sexy part but there’s no deal without all we do in the “back room.” This includes:

· The use of technology in the ever-more-complex search process to find a good match.
· Analyzing the little things in a company’s non-financial factors (customers, employees, market, trends, suppliers, etc.).
· Attractive and accurate client marketing materials.
· Client communication.

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Business Activity:

John has:

  • Owned all or part of three businesses plus Nokomis Advisory Services and its sister company, Martinka Consulting.
  • Has assisted on well over 150 business successful buy-sell transactions.
  • Coached and counseled scores of owners and other advisors.
  • Has used his business and project management skills to lead 15 Rotary education projects with a total value to the recipients of over $3,000,000.

Jessica has:

  • Worked with dozens of business buyers and sellers on finding a match and getting the deal done.
  • Been the initial liaison with many potential buyers.
  • Built her people and business skills via a variety of business experiences.

Books From Nokomis Advisory :

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If They Can Sell Pet Rocks Why Can’t You Sell Your Business For What You Want

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Company Growth By Acquisition Makes Dollars & Sense

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Book #3

Buying A Business That Makes You Rich: Toss Your Job Not The Dice

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Book #4

Getting the Deal Done

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