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Buying A Business That Makes You Rich; Toss Your Job Not The Dice

This is the second edition of a practical guide to buying a mature, profitable, and fairly priced business. It not only has strategies for locating, analyzing, and structuring a deal but also tactics. Buy the right business the right way!

If They Can Sell Pet Rocks Why Can’t You Sell Your Business (For What You Want)?

What really excites buyers is seeing where they can add value and feel they can take the business to the next level (with their skills, knowledge, and experience).

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Company Growth By Acquisition Makes Dollars & Sense

You want to grow your business, but the practicalities of keeping the doors open keep getting in the way. There’s another way!

Including 19 reasons why to consider growth by acquisition. 

Getting the Deal Done: Tips & Strategies to Get Your Business Buy-Sell Deal Done Successfully

Getting the Deal Done is 61 (short) chapters, each a deal-making tip that gives insights into the little nuances needed to successfully close a deal. John’s expertise is supplemented by input from 11 of his deal-making friends and contains concise explanations of proven techniques to use, actions to avoid, and tips on overcoming obstacles.