Entertaining, informative and vivid presentations on exit planning, buying, selling, and growing a business!

The Wall Street Journal predicts that half of all small to mid-sized businesses will change hands in the next decade, less than 20% will stay in the family and only 10% of businesses are ready for succession or sale.

We can help your members understand what it will take to stand out from the crowd, position their firm for a transition or grow and make more money.

When your members hear John’s dramatic insights they will know exactly what to do to meet their objectives. They’ll get easy-to-remember and easy-to-apply facts, tips, and strategies to grow their business. They’ll learn from “real-life” examples and stories to make it all come alive.

Your clients or members are constantly concerned about the volatile economy, how they can grow, and increase their value or how they can exit their business with style, grace, and more money.

Help them solve these issues by having John speak at your next meeting, convention, or conference.

Past Speaking Topic Examples


Without an exit strategy you have no strategy.

  • The coming tsunami of business sales
  • 7 key factors to make your exit strategy profit
  • Inside buyer? Outside buyer? What do I plan for?
  • Peace of mind is priceless (and planning gives you that peace of mind)

Getting the deal done.

  • Getting to a win-win buy-sell deal
  • The only three keys to a deal that matter
  • Why selling your business like selling your house is a huge mistake
  • 7 Seller pitfalls to avoid and five buyer roadblocks

Double the value of your business in one year.

  • Is your team on board? If not it could be costing you millions
  • 7 lessons that accelerate growth (and value)
  • 10 tips to increase value
  • 20 reasons why your business may not be worth what you hope it is(fix these and see your value skyrocket)
  • Grow the easy way—10 reasons why buying another company makes sense

How to sell your business for what you thought when other people can’t.

  • Take ACTION to sell your business profitably (our ACTION™ plan to sell your business)
  • Increase demand to increase the price a buyer will pay
  • 9 key dependencies to avoid
  • 11 things a seller should never do

Be a breath of fresh air: Buy your own business.

  • Making your business sellable: Would you buy your own business?
  • Uncover growth potential as you perform due diligence on your company
  • 7 ways to reenergize your team
  • Improve your leadership as you lead this growth initiative

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