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If the previous five weren’t enough, here are five more.

1. You have no profit after a fair market salary for the job you do or perhaps you even take less than a fair market salary for your job? No profit equals very little value. And you thought the business was your retirement plan? A buyer has to have profit, after salary, to pay for the business.
2. All the important knowledge is in your head? If you get hit by a truck the company goes bye-bye. No value for your family and in fact they may have debt without the means to pay it.
3. Customers call you (not your staff) with questions and problems? Realize either you are the bottleneck, your customers don’t trust your employees or you are such a control freak you won’t let your customers talk to your employees.
4. You don’t delegate and your employees wouldn’t know what to do if you did delegate (vs. telling them exactly what to do)? Again, you’re either a control freak, have no trust in others or have not helped your employees build the necessary skills.
5. Your employees are all task driven; they offer very little in the way insight or ideas? Simple idea to get out of this rut; hire better people, pay them more and let them contribute. You just might be surprised.

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