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Boring is Best

By June 28, 2024No Comments

Recently the Wall Street Journal had a front-page headline of, “Boring Utility Stocks Wow Market.” My first reaction was boring businesses are the best type to buy or sell.

A business that just does it day in and day out. No flashy stuff, no get rich quick schemes, just making, fixing, or selling something that solves their customers problems.

I came across a document we have that lists some of our client deals. The industries include:

  1. Plumbing
  2. Metal fabrication
  3. Food manufacturer
  4. Steel distributor
  5. Fabric manufacturer
  6. Pet food manufacturer
  7. HVAC contractor
  8. Trucking
  9. Catering
  10. Material handling equipment

And many, many more.

I remember an investment banker telling me his dad owned a scrap yard and what a great business it was. Boring is (almost all the time) best. Build a boring and profitable business and they will come (to buy it).