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Consider If You Will…*

By December 27, 2022No Comments

If politicians stating elections are suspect and open to fraud win, do they declare the election invalid?

What it comes down to is most people vote for the party not the person because the individual politicians vote the party line at least 98% of the time or they don’t get funding. One of my state representatives is a business owner and has voted for anti-business legislation. Bottom line, there is no original thought (that makes any sense).

Business owners and leaders should want the opposite of the above. Instead of employees who just “do things” without thought they need employees who:

  • Take leadership
  • Think and then suggest new tactics or strategies
  • Challenge the ways things have been done

When doing so, it creates a better culture, continuity of earnings, and increased value. We would much rather have a client company with a contributing team versus one where the owner is dominate (and a dependency). It’s what buyers want and will pay for.

“Life is like playing violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes on.” Samuel Butler

*One of Rod Serling’s lines in The Twilight Zone, which is what politics seems to be from these days.