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At least two to three times a week I get an email from some company telling me how their telephone outreach services can help me set appointments, generate clients, etc. I think you can figure out what’s wrong with this picture.

They are writing to tell me how great they are on the phone but they can’t pick up the phone and call me! If their callers are so dynamic they should be able to convince me, using their voices, right?

Another way to say this is, your actions speak louder than your (written) words.

I thought it would be interesting to look at the above (actions versus words) from the perspective of my clients.

Businesses need to generate revenues by finding new customers and, most importantly, keeping existing customers happy. I recently did some due diligence calls to customers of a company selling. All of the “reference check” customers described firm as a “partner.” Yet I see too many companies (the people in those companies) that only look at the next sale. They often aren’t true problem solvers for their customers.

When I’m coaching or mentoring owners and consultants we always get into the subject of providing value. Sometimes it’s ideas. Other times it’s actually giving advice (especially if you call yourself a trusted advisor). Not just discussing options, but advising the client. That’s where true value is derived.

[As I am writing this I get a call from Totally Free Conference Calls. Twenty minutes prior I sent them an email saying I was getting call reports from calls that aren’t mine – somebody was mistakenly using my code. Not a big deal but I don’t want to have having a call the same time I do. Immediately they took action, called me, and fixed the problem. That’s customer service.]

Business sellers often wake up one day and decide it’s time to sell. Yet most businesses aren’t ready for sale. I recently was referred to an owner and based on our phone call and the firm’s website I know of three or four things this company (the owner) needs to do to make the company more salable. It’s why I came up with my ACTIONÔ to sell a business (as fully described in my book, If They Can Sell Pet Rocks Why Can’t You Sell Your Business (For What You Want)?)

An ACTION plan to sell a business is:

  • Arrange all the affairs of the company
  • Coach and counsel the company. Its people, process and systems
  • Transmit and teach all the good “things” about your firm, and those “things” are:
  • Intricacies that make your company special
  • Operations and management systems in place that will make a transition smooth
  • Numbers, all the financials in understandable form, straightforward with no “tricks”

Finally, business buyers too often don’t put their money where their mouth is. It’s why up to 90% of supposed buyers never buy. It’s great to talk about it, but when it comes time to do something…. Kicking tires is fun, when shopping for a new car. Of course this is why I follow a proven plan with my buyer clients. So they can stop talking and become a business owner.


No matter what your business or your objective, it pays to be prepared and to put your money where your mouth is. In other words, don’t send an email to solicit telephoning services.

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