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Too many business owners think they have a business when all they have is the job of being a business owner. Helping solve the problems below increases performance and profit. If you find that more than one or two of the following affect you or someone you know it’s time take some action.

1. You work in not on the business? Your time if filled doing day-to-day tasks like making sandwiches, programming machines, operating the machines, driving, etc.
2. You leave and things crumble? Even a short vacation gives you trepidation as you worry what will await you upon your return. You might even call in daily, or more often, to make sure nothing catastrophic has happened.
3. You are the bottleneck for important tasks? Nothing progresses until you do your (routine) tasks. Perhaps you’re like one owner who told me it would take him an hour of training time, twice, to get an employee up to speed on some computer work that had to be done before the job could be run. Since he could do the job in 20 minutes he saw no reason to take all that extra time. So every job needed his 20 minutes while his employees waited with nothing to do.
4. Your typical workweek is 60+ hours? And it’s not doing things you like doing but it’s things you have to do.
5. If you hire someone to reduce your workload your salary has to drop below what you personally need? So you don’t hire anybody, you keep doing routine work, the business doesn’t grow and you never get out of this endless loop.

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