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I met with a group of clients in early November to “check-in’ as we head to the end of the year. The usual issues involve people, marketing and life balance. I only asked one question and we filled up two hours. The question was:

What do you want to be talking about in this meeting next year (in regards to what you accomplished and your new opportunities)?

As we head into the last month of 2016 take some time and answer this question for your business and yourself. No oversized business plan, no spreadsheets, just, “What do you want to be talking about next year at this time?”

Here are some of the answers from my clients:


  • More profits as we now have the foundation to be really profitable.
  • Growth, profits, and congeniality occurred.
  • Add new lines.
  • Grow the talent base and have a culture to encourage leadership (for the managers).
  • Get back on the traditional growth curve (after a year of resetting to do this).
  • Business transition.
  • Be able to say how well the new, full time operations manager is doing.
  • One new marketing strategy implemented.
  • New vendor relationship continues to thrive.
  • I’ve put my family first.
  • Get into one new market.
  • Add online offerings.
  • Restructure debt (given favorable debt climate) and add new equipment.

What are your answers? What do you want to be talking about next year at this time?

“When one is completely whole and at one with the world one does not need a mirror.” Lewis Mumford

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