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We’re all familiar with the premise of the book, “1984.” Think not in terms of “big brother” but in terms of everybody knowing what we do. Realize that much of this is voluntary as people of all ages post everything about themselves on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Then there’s the involuntary but avoidable. You’d think that every political candidate would be aware of the 24/7 monitoring of what they say. You’d think that especially Republicans would be on alert after the Mitt Romney 47% remark, said in the supposed privacy of a private fundraising event.

But no, a candidate in my congressional district, John Koster, was in the news a week before the election because at an event he was recorded, by someone pretending to be a supporter but really someone diametrically opposed to him, saying some radical things about what he called, “the rape thing.” After all the commotion caused by comments trivializing rape and pregnancy by other Republicans across the country you’d think he’d be aware that everything he says outside of his home could be heard or recorded. (Not to take sides, Democrats say some pretty stupid things too.)

It’s a lesson for all of us. Whether it’s what we say or do or what our employees say or do, there is a high probability that it will be recorded for posterity. You put out an image and do your best to make sure that image stays intact. It’s your, and your business’s, reputation. These days every little thing gets known and blown up (sometimes out of proportion and sometimes it’s just publicity of the truth).

“Hey, let’s be careful out there.” Sergeant Phil Esterhaus (Hill Street Blues)

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