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Read the sports page this time of year and, besides the Super Bowl, you’ll regularly see articles on college football recruiting because early February is when high school athletes are allowed to sign their letters of intent to accept a scholarship (from the university they choose to attend).

I don’t watch or listen to sports TV and radio shows but I know that there’s a lot of pontificating on which schools got the best players, what impact they’ll give and a lot more.

And most of it is nothing more than pontificating because there is rarely anything like a “sure thing” when it comes to human development. One of my boys was saying the other day that a certain player wasn’t much better than he was a couple years ago. My response was, “that happens at all levels; every parent of a good Little League baseball player imagines a college scholarship or pro contract and yet many Little League All Stars aren’t even playing in high school much less beyond.”

This applies to all aspects of life, especially business. The salesperson who was great in 1998 won’t be great in 2013 if he or she doesn’t accept technology. Managers who think that a 1960-70’s bullying style will work today will lose their good employees and find themselves out of a job.

We all have to keep developing and change with the times. I know that if I worked with my clients the same way as I did 15 years ago we wouldn’t get the results we now get. Everything I do has been “modernized” and improved.

“The best way to find out if you can trust someone is to trust them.” Ernest Hemingway


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