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While in Baltimore for my daughter’s wedding we spent a couple days at a very nice downtown hotel. By the time those two days ended we had a list of 10 things we found unacceptable for a hotel of its caliber.

None of these things by themselves were a big deal. But 10 of them! That shouldn’t happen at a luxury hotel. I’m not sure how large the hotel’s management company is and I can tell you that if this hotel was owned by an individual the odds are highly favorable that these annoyances wouldn’t have happened.

A business owner whose paycheck depends on every customer experience would make sure his or her employees were trained to notice things that “aren’t right.” Everything on our list could have and should have been noticed by one or more employees.

The last item was a charge on our bill for a telephone call. The only thing we could figure was that when I called guest services because the Internet hookup wasn’t working that they charged me a connection fee when they called the service provider for me. Good customer service would have had the front desk clerk not tell me he didn’t know what it was but rather say, “Mr. Martinka, I see you are at our gold level and we appreciate your business. I’m taking this charge off your bill. Thank you for staying with us.”

I will be writing the hotel and the parent company (the national brand) as soon as the wedding is over.

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