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We had a problem with a DVD that’s part of an exercise program we use. While the company replaced it, I decided we didn’t want to go through this again, especially after the warranty period

So I went looking for a DVD ripping program to make backup copies to keep in my safe. My son suggested Mac the Ripper and I went to their website and placed an order. As I filled out the order form this is what happened:

  • I couldn’t enter my currency or method of payment.
  • When I hit return the next page wouldn’t let me do anything.
  • I noticed a phone number that claimed to be manned 24/7 for sales questions and issues.
  • When I called it there was no way I could progress with the call unless I had an order reference number.
  • I hung up.

Really, I have to have an order number to talk to somebody about problems buying your product? What kind of service is this?

My solution was to find another program, Mac DVD Ripper Pro, which downloaded quickly, works great and was actually less money.

Make it easy for me, please. I’m busy enough. So are you and so are all of our customers and clients. Stand out from the crowd; be easy to get value from.

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