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Let me share that I get therapeutic massages  for very tight muscles on my IT bands (outside hamstrings). As prep for nine hours of flights, from Seattle to Antigua (for our Rotray service project), I got a massage on departure day.

I have a great massage therapist and at the same time she made an erroneous value judgment about me.

She said that when I return I should get bi-weekly leg massages to keep my IT bands from getting overly tight again. She then told me I could get half-hour sessions because it would be more affordable. She assumed money would be an issue. Wrong. The amount of money we’re talking about is not that much, to me anyway. The difference is about a cup of coffee a day.

Too often we make assumptions about others based on our situation. Whether it’s about money, their interest in something or their objectives. What we should do, and what my massage therapist should have done, is ask questions. Whenever I run into a sticky situation I try not to assume anything and ask the others involved what they think we should do. Often they have a better answer (for us) than we would come up with on our own.

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