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Here are five more reasons, to supplement the previous five posted here, on why it’s advantageous to buy a business.

Be the boss—it’s nice to tell others what to do, especially when you make the right decisions (which you know you can do).

Pre-tax expenses—pay for things with pre-tax not after-tax dollars. Things you would have anyway like a cell phone, some travel, cars, etc. All legal and a nice perk for being an owner.

Creativity—put your creativity to work. Whether it be on the design side, customer solutions, marketing magic or with customer service you can put your footprint on it.

Emotional contentment—relax; you know what you’re doing. It isn’t easy owning a business but nothing in life worth having is easy.

FUN—often overlooked by buyers but the number one reason to buy and own a business. Wake up every day with a smile on your face because it’s your business and get are getting all the benefits described above.

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