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Many years ago a client told a prospective client that I was expensive but worth it. He also stated to me and others that it wasn’t the quantity of advice and counsel but the quality.

And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

About 10 years ago my dad bought a new refrigerator. Because it was about $100 less he bought a Haier (Chinese company) and it burned out in 5-6 years. A pretty expensive $100.

I recently bought a new car and I did pretty much the usual when it came to a buying decision. I made an emotional decision on the style of vehicle (small SUV/Crossover) and the top few choices.

Then I let logic determine which one of the three I would buy, which was an Acura RDX and quality was one of the top criteria. Logic manifested itself in three areas:

  • Experience – we had previously owned an Acura, it was a great car and my wife loved it.
  • Reliability – Honda makes some of if not the best engines in the world and the cost of repairs in usually lower than on higher performance cars.
  • Cost – the price of the RDX was significantly lower than the other two, the biggest difference to me was a few “extras,” and those extras weren’t that important to us.

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