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I’ve seen a plethora of articles lately on how many devices there are to stay connected to some kind of technology all the time. Wear this, embed that, bury your face in your phone all the time, etc.

So what’s the problem? Over the last few months I’ve also talked to three business owners or corporate managers who’ve told me that one of their obstacles with employees is getting them to make personal contact with customers. And these are (supposed) salespeople who prefer to text or email a customer or prospect instead of picking up the phone and calling them (much less going to see them).

I like technology. I’m pretty good with (using) it. In fact, my kids call me every so often to ask me how to do something involving technology. But it’s often the easy way out; “Oh I emailed them” is the lazy salesperson’s way.

I see the same thing with prospective clients, people who want to network with me, and others. They email me and ask about “next steps.” Well, I can write a lengthy response, miss the mark and waste a lot of time. Or, we can talk so I can answer the right question.

It’s even easier for a customer to ignore an email. True, they can ignore a voicemail message but often will take the time to call back or take the call so you can add the personal touch.

I don’t care how much technology we have, the personal touch, by phone and especially in-person, provides so much more value and gets much better results.

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