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A friend told me how he visited Bozeman, MT and his brother-in-law complained about how (fast growing) Bozeman is becoming “too crowded.” One of my sons went to school in Bozeman, we’ve been there each of the last 8-10 summers, and, believe me, Bozeman is not at all that “crowded.”

It’s a matter of perspective, isn’t it? If you’re used to it taking five minutes to go across town and now it takes seven or eight you’re frustrated.

I find myself wondering about how some things that seem to change faster than we’re used to as we live in a time where change happens with more velocity than ever before. Social media is one area where it’s snuck up on traditional businesses.

Two years ago, I did a little here and a little there. Now, on the advice of PR and marketing friends, I have something going out daily (not all via the same mediums). People tell me about things they saw on LinkedIn, and posting good, solid content there is extremely important (which is why I ignore any posts with a picture of a motivated saying or similar; come on, show your expertise via content not your copy and paste abilities).

It’s unusual for me to meet someone who hasn’t seen my blog, videos, LinkedIn articles, Twitter feeds as well as the usual and customary, my website. I see a lot of other non-tech (traditional) small businesses emphasizing this also, because that’s where the customers and referral sources are.

On the flip side, my recent Getting the Deal Done Breakfast Conference had record attendance of about 180 people (high touch). Of course, all the marketing was electronic (high tech).

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