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I was speaking with the owner of a small technology company who told me his company’s software products improve productivity for their customers.

While on a trip I saw a TV commercial for a technology company looking to hire people. They encouraged applicants to join a team not making “useless apps and games” but creating software that adds value for their customers.

Of course, this is not specific to technology. Walk down the supermarket aisles and see the cheap, processed junk food next to the expensive, natural, healthy food. Both types of companies (junk vs. productivity) make money producing what they do. Some just add real value. And that’s what I see in a good buy-sell transaction.

If it’s a true win-win deal, it’s more than money. The seller gets a buyer who preserves the legacy of the business. The employees stay and thrive, the customers are happy, and the firm’s reputation doesn’t decline (it probably grows). The buyer gets a business that’s a solid platform onto which he or she can add real value. They grow the business, improve the culture, and create jobs.

What are the best ways to make this happen? First, the buyer does what they do to get a deal done on a good business. Second, the seller actually gets the business ready for a transition (so it’s not just coasting but very attractive to buyers). Want to know how? Check out my books shown to your right.

“Easy lives make boring people.” Ronda Rousey

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