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I haven’t turned on the TV or radio in the last 24 hours, before and since the first installment of the Oprah-Lance show, without hearing announcers of all types pontificating on Armstrong’s confession.

One of the prevailing opinions is that the US Postal Service will sue him for the sponsorship money they paid his team (because he, and all the other riders, used PEDs).

Let me offer a contrarian opinion. The US Postal Service got more than their money’s worth. They paid Armstrong’s team get them publicity. He did that all those years he won the Tour de France. He’s doing it now as this issue is becoming public. The US Postal Service is finally in the news for something besides losing money. If all publicity is good publicity they could get a spike in business.

The New Orleans Saints won a Super Bowl in a season they had the infamous bounty program. Nobody took away their championship. I’m guessing more than one World Series was won by a team with a steroid laden player or two and I don’t hear any clamor for all those players to give back their salaries for the years they took steroids.

I’m not condoning any of these actions, I’m simply saying that publicity is publicity.

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