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I was looking through a folder of articles I’ve cut from papers and magazines (and printed from online sites) and noticed some on selling. Not as in selling a business but selling your product or service.

It’s inevitable whenever I’m working with a business owner client the subject ends up on sales (often combined with marketing). It’s finding prospective clients, approaching them, finding out what their problems are, and offering a solution.

Too many people equate sales with 1960’s and 1970’s hard sell techniques dramatized by used car lots, carpet stores, etc. Books listing 173 closes for all situations are history, they’re dead.

Sales is relationship based and in the holiday season, the ultimate relationship season with friends and family, a good way to prepare for the start of 2017 is to get your marketing and sales plans implemented (marketing makes people aware of you, sales is what you do to determine if you can add value).

  • Who can you help?
  • What will you do for them?
  • Why are they better off with you than without you?
  • How will they know the difference?

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