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I get an email newsletter from the Green Bay Packers. It comes at least once a week and is supplemented by regular announcements from the Packer Pro Shop. What caught my attention and caused me to write this was today’s email announcing the “Just Released! 2012 Green Bay Packers Draft Cap.” The message body had the line, “Draft Cap-Which One Will You Pick?”

I know all teams have this Draft Cap but talk about marketing! The NFL and its teams are great at developing new products for their loyal fans to buy. The day before the Draft Caps I the message was about all the new garments in the Nike Collection.

What this tells me is that there can seldom be too much of a good thing. Keep that in mind as you stay in touch with your clients, customers, prospective customers and referral sources. When people love what you have they want more (and more and more).

Caveat: Only send to people who opt in to receiving things from you and make it easy for them to opt out. I recently got on the list of a spam sender (as has a friend whom is getting the same emails I get). The messages are all noticeably the same even though there are different from email addresses. The worse news is, the unsubscribe link doesn’t seem to work and it has to be done individually for each from email address. Also, to get these into my junk folder I must set up a rule for each and every from address. Very annoying and even if I was interested in something in an offer I would never respond to this company.

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