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I just returned from my son’s wedding in Cabo and came back with some observations.

We had a long conversation with a very nice retired guy who has been coming to Cabo for over 15 years. He gave us a lot of insights and recommendations and also shared something I found incredible. This is a very successful person who represented municipal union members. He told me, “I represented people who really don’t need representation.” This got us onto an interesting discussion about current government vs. union battles and my limited experience with union negotiations. The incredible part is that he did this for so long but it appears he really didn’t (or doesn’t now) believe in what he was doing. Many of us have had jobs we weren’t thrilled about but they weren’t our careers. I have a tough time even thinking of spending more than a short time doing something I really don’t believe in (or enjoy). That’s why buying a business is such a good option for many people leaving the corporate world. It allows them to pursue their passion (

Everyone is Cabo either sells timeshares or offers incentives to get you to do the tour and hear the pitch. We did one and found it hilarious that every time we said, “No” the offer got better. Finally they offered us a “short sale” because someone defaulted. Of course, the offer is only good “right now” and if nobody else takes this offer before you do. It was available the next day when we made a very low-ball counteroffer. After first hearing, “The prices are not negotiable” (okay, maybe the fourth price isn’t), 10 minutes later we got a call back with a new, lower price. Not what we offered, but lower than the “best” offer they said they could make. (We passed.)

Finally, we’re staying in a five-star resort that had so little trust in their guests that they made us bring our pool towels (that you can buy at Costco for about $6) to checkout, as they didn’t trust us to leave them in the room. Something’s wrong here. Do they really think they attract a clientele that needs to steal the towels?

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