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Small business owners often complain about the burden of government regulations, paperwork and overbearance. Non-owners, especially, governement employees rarely understand this frustration.

At all levels it can be irritating and expensive. I just went through a small bout with this. The IRS tells me I can only make my payroll tax deposits online. No more taking checks to the bank, which is fine as it saves time and hassle.

They have a secure website for this and every few months they automatically discontinue my password. Of course, it takes me a few tries, making sure I enter everying correctly (in boxes where I see dots not letters or numbers), before I realize that they’ve updated the system and I need to create a new password.

It’s off to my paper file, dig out my entrance code, enter a new site, pick a new password of a certain length and with required cases and symbols (and it must be a password I’ve ever used before), log it in my password file and then I can send them money.

Not a huge deal, except it always happens when we’re busy. Multiply this for companies with a lot more reporting requirements than I have and it adds costs to everything we buy.

If you have any examples of this send them to me. If I get enough I’ll share them in the next few weeks.

“Our memories are card indexes consulted and then returned in disorder by authorities whom we do not control.” Author Cyril Connolly

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