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I’m in Antigua on our annual Rotary service project. Last week I was talking with my friend Jeff Mason at Newport High School – his students do all the computer installations, upgrades and teaching of the teachers – and in lamenting some of the (lack of) cooperation we’ve received from the schools he referenced the two primary project leaders in Antigua when he said, “Why can’t they all be like Cordel and Ato?”

My answer was simple, “Because if they were it wouldn’t be Antigua and they wouldn’t need us.”

Think of my answer in terms of your business, your customers businesses, etc. If your customers could do what you do they wouldn’t need you. If your staff couldn’t do what they do you wouldn’t hire them.

It comes down to filling what is needed. Successful people and successful companies become that way by helping successful customers do even better, helping struggling customers achieve success and filling some of the gaps that we all have.

In a non-profit’s board meeting the other day I referenced the Pareto Principle aka the 80-20 rule when discussing the staff’s productivity. This organization gets 80% of their “production” from a small number of people.

The same as most companies, especially on the sales side and definitely here in Antigua where the Rotary Club (and similar) do so much more than most others, especially the government that doesn’t have the resources to do much at all.

The point is to recognize where productivity is and do what you can to maintain it, whether it’s top customers, key employees or the systems you have.

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