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We did something last month that ended an era for my wife and me. For the first time in our lives we live in a house without a home phone. While it wasn’t a tough decision, it did require some second thoughts.

We had suspicions that the line wasn’t getting much use so we used technology to confirm it. I went on the Vonage website, looked at the call records for the last six months, found that we averaged about 100 calls a month, 70%+ incoming and almost all of those telemarketers. That made it an easy decision. What made it easier was buying a new phone system that carries the cell phone signal to the base unit via Bluetooth. Plug the base into the old wall jacks and extensions throughout the house can now ring my cell phone. No need to have it in my pocket all the time.

We are constantly asking ourselves, what can we do without? Every time we go in our attic, garage or storage areas out goal is take out one thing we can rid of. I’ve started asking myself, what are things I can stop doing or delegate?

The point is, what are you hanging on to in business or in your life? It’s always good to take inventory of those things and shed the unimportant.

“Mr. Watson–come here–I want to see you.” Alexander Graham Bell, March 10, 1876 to Thomas Watson on the first ever telephone call

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