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My four-year-old iMac was being very sluggish so I took it in to Apple’s Genius Bar (a great concept, bring in any Apple device and get free help). The diagnosis was the operating system had some corruption and I needed to reinstall it, which turned out to be a piece of cake with no lost data, settings, etc.

I came away from the experience with three thoughts:

  1. Computers and their software are going to have issues. Doesn’t matter if it’s Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Dell, or any other company’s products. They are things, like cars, boats, vacuum cleaners, furnaces, etc., and things wear out and have issues. (Which is why repair and service business can be good companies.)
  2. Apple knew there was OS corruption. It’s why they gave me free telephone support as I went through the process (like most firms, they charge for their Apple Care after the warranty period).
  3. Because technology resides in things, and things have issues, it’s no wonder I’m reading so many stories about how the, “Internet of Things” is stalling. Nest thermostats sales have plateaued, Internet connected toasters, refrigerators, etc. aren’t selling. It’s not worth the extra money to have a toaster connected to the Internet.

Not to mention, the more things connected to the Internet the greater the likelihood of unauthorized people (hackers) gaining access to your system. Especially when it’s been proven the companies making these devices aren’t always quick to offer security updates and when they do the users have a

hard time finding the updates and/or just don’t take the time to install the patch.

Useful technology is great. I love the fact cars have an auto setting for lights and wipers. They go on when needed and off when not needed, even though my son tells me this means robots are controlling my life. He’s right in a way as the more we’re dependent on technology the less control we have. And one thing I’ve learned in my life is most people want to at least feel like they’re in control.

It’s why people own (buy) a business. I am always told by audiences “control” is one of the top reasons why they’re considering business ownership. It’s why (former) business owners tend to make lousy employees, they’ve been in control for too long.

“Knowing what you cannot do is more important than knowing what you can do.” Lucille Ball

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