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We recently went to a concert (Grace Potter & the Nocturnals) and even though the tickets stated no video recording, no audio recording and no cameras with interchangeable lenses there was no enforcement and blatant violating of these “rules.”

It takes me back a few decades when all of the above was taboo except for Grateful Dead concerts. They encouraged recording and bootleg product and it built them a loyal fan base that traveled from city to city to see them and bought their albums. All without their having a top hit.

You know that today’s bands, like Grace Potter, know darn well that the pictures and videos of their concerts are going to end up on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites. They also know that this is true word-of-mouth marketing and vitally important in an era where we are smothered in content and people don’t buy music like they used to.

The same holds true for your and my business. We need to get the word out any and every way we can. This includes distributing our intellectual property (IP) and value propositions to as many people as possible. Sure, there are some do-it-yourselfers but if what you have (product, training or service) is truly valuable your potential customers will realize they need you, not just your IP.

“The hardest thing in the world to do in this business is start a band nobody’s heard of.” Tom Whalley, Interscope Records

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