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Last week I wrote about how football teams can be overly dependent on a star quarterback and will continue with the football theme (it’s that time of year). Here are some stupid comments and actions from the football world.

The lesson here is that you have to watch what you (and your employees) do, say and write. Sometimes in the heat of the moment we act and communicate poorly. I can tell you that some of the best (or shall we say the worst as they were inflammatory) emails I’ve ever written were never sent. Some of the phone calls I didn’t make have been my best communications strategy.

Here are a few from the last week (all comments are paraphrased).

College coach – we’re not staying in the town of our opponent because we’re not giving them our money. Yes, let’s always think small because, after all, your game is helping determining world peace.

Washington State player after they gave up 200 yards to a Washington running back nominated as one of the top three backs in the country – he’s good, we’ve played better and we gave him almost everything he got.Okay, so you’re admitting you’re bad. Why not say he’s great and that’s how he beat us (because we’re good). Makes you sound a lot better just like the basketball coach I just heard say (at halftime), they (the opponent) are doing a great job in the paint; we have start playing as well as they are.

An athletic director said he has a list of fans that have emailed the school criticizing the program and they’ll be on a blacklist for bowl game tickets. I guess freedom of the press stops at the border of college campuses. Plus, don’t you want fans so loyal they’ll let you know both the good and bad?

Seattle Seahawks – two players suspended for non-PED drug test issues (pot). So you’re making millions, can make a lot more, you know when you’ll be tested and yet you flunk the test? We all need employees like these guys (who put themselves way ahead of the team/company).

Take a clue from the sports world – watch what you say and do, especially when emotional. Better yet, look at all the stuff on social media that shouldn’t be there and make sure your staff and you aren’t part of it.

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” Eleanor Roosevelt 

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