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The June 19, 2013 Wall Street Journal titled, “Unpaid Internship? Some College Pick Up the Tab.” Here’s a quote from the article.

“Colleges’ job-placement rates have come under intense scrutiny as cost-conscious families, stung by rapidly raising tuition, want proof that universities can deliver on both academic and career fronts.”

A college dean recently told me that schools have to start questioning if they can allow students to rack up high amounts of debt to major in an area that has limited earning potential.

Welcome to the real world universities. Everybody in business knows you don’t get or keep customers unless you can provide value. No value, no customers; no customers, no income; no income, no business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Boeing, Microsoft, Toyota or a small business, everyday your objective has to be to find more value to provide your customers and more customers to whom you provide your value.

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