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The compendium of technology. On one end one of the young tech writers for the Wall Street Journal always writes about how she wants an app for everything. Order this, order that, do the other thing. She grew up with technology and, I’m guessing, prefers this over personal interaction and relationships.

I, on the other hand, like technology that can help me, not just to use for the sake of using it. Uber is a great example. It’s fast, reasonable, reliable, and a much better experience than your typical taxi. Especially when going to or from a major airport like in New York, Seattle, etc.

But what about behind the scenes stuff? A few months ago we bought an electronic device from Costco. The device has some issues, it needs to be sent back, they need a copy of the receipt, and who knows where the thermal paper receipt ended up.

So, on my next trip to Costco I go to the membership desk, they scan my card, find the purchase, and print off the receipt. Efficiency and really good customer service. Technology that isn’t just cute, as in, “Device, order flowers for my wife” without knowing if you’re getting a great arrangement or something you could have got from the grocery store.

All businesses use technology. The question is, how are you using technology to benefit your company, your employees, and especially your customers? The easier you make it for them to buy from you the more sales you’ll have.

In my case, I populate my website and blog with a lot of information (mobile friendly site too!). If my prospective clients are like me they’ll think, “If he gives me this much value for free just think how much I’ll get if I hire him.”a

“If a man harbors any sort of far, it makes him landlord to a ghost.”

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