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I recently got an email survey from our senior US Senator, Patty Murray. I’m sure she’ll use the results of the survey to state what her constituents want. However, there’s a catch here (or it wouldn’t be in this memo).

Every poll or survey results I’ve seen recently say the top issues people are concerned about include:

  • Crime
  • Inflation
  • The southern border

Think any of the above were on her survey? You’re right, none of them were on it. She’ll get the answers she wants to get. It’s an easy trap to get into. It’s called drinking your own Kool-Aid. 

Over the years I’ve seen numerous studies about the reason employees think their customers buy (the product or service) is vastly different than the reasons the customers give about why they buy. Maybe talk to your customers sometimes, right?

Just look at what’s going on in the job market. A lot of employers found out their employees weren’t that happy when said employees left for new careers, spurred on by the Covid shutdown.

Be careful what you ask because if you ask the wrong questions the answers are meaningless.

“Good things happen slowly. Bad things happen fast.” Abigail Thomas

“I don’t know if that there are any short cuts to doing a good job. Sandra Day O’Connor

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