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What’s in it for Your Client?

On a plane last month I had to shake my head at the behavior of a couple passengers. After the pilot said we were heading into some turbulence he told the flight attendants to stop their beverage service, secure the carts and get their seat belts on. One lady started arguing with the attendant because she couldn’t get a beverage right away.

As the plane landed they asked everybody to remain seated to let those connecting to Alaska get off to make their very close connection. A few rows ahead of me a man stood in the aisle. When someone asked him to let the connecting passengers get by he said, “I’m not stopping them.” No, he wasn’t, other than by blocking the aisle.

Unfortunately these people were thinking only of themselves. Also unfortunate is many people market for themselves (not for their clients). Recent advice to a couple clients was to think in terms of, “What’s in it for them (the client).” Their marketing materials were all about background, education and experience. Nothing on the benefit and value the client will receive.

I recently told a client that I could get the desired result in 60 days instead of the 120 days he was planning. The savings from those 60 days would pay my fee and then some. That’s real value.

“Everyone is a millionaire where promises are concerned.” Ovid (Roman poet born 43 BC)

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