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Where is Your Bottleneck?

The July 10, 2011 Seattle Times had an article on a local, small business that has created a software product to help Boeing and others manage their parts pipeline from outside suppliers. The July 7, 2011 Wall Street Journal had an article that said one big reason why the latest version of the iPhone is delayed is the contract manufacturer needs to improve its “production yield rate.”

Businesses of all sizes have bottlenecks, or potential bottlenecks. Where are yours and what affect do they have on your business?

For those of us who work on our own, we are our top bottleneck. For many small businesses, it’s the owner.

For companies it can be, like above, a supplier. It could also be certain employees or teams, the access to capital or poor sales and marketing.

One of the objectives of any strategy session should be to identify bottlenecks and take action to prevent and fix them. The sooner you do this the better your business will be.

“You have to be fast on your feet and adaptive or else a strategy is useless.” Charles de Gaulle

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