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Starr Not Shining?

Why was Beatle Sir Paul McCartney knighted and Ringo Starr wasn’t wonders Ringo? He feels slighted when he’s compared to the other Beatles according to The London Daily Mail, which recently published a feature on Ringo.

If we compare this to a business, one big reason is that Sir Paul wrote the songs. Writing the songs to a band is like intellectual property (IP) to a business. The business, or person within the business, that controls the IP has a leg up on others.

The IP turns into a product or service and generates customers, revenues and profits. It can be a product like the iPhone or iPad, customer service like Nordstrom offers or special food preparation and presentation that a fine dining restaurant offers. Every successful business has IP of some type, whether they realize it or not.

To the Beatles, it was their songs, Paul (co) wrote most of the songs so it was his talent that created the IP and therefore the fans, revenue and profit. It’s one reason why he was knighted and gets more attention than Ringo.

“There’s a lot of random in our songs…writing, thinking, letting others think of bits-then bam, you’ve the jigsaw puzzle.” Paul McCartney

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