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The Supreme Court recently ruled that Amazon warehouse workers will not get paid for the time they spend standing in line and going through a security check after their shift ends.

I can’t say it surprises me, but it disappoints me. I can relate to these workers as when I was working hourly jobs, in high school and college, every minute counted. I remember one summer job where you couldn’t punch in early (or late). If you arrived early you sat around with others until the magic minute and then punched in. The same on way out, you were expected to clean up, tools put away and ready to punch out at the anointed time.

At that age I also always had things to do and places to go after work. Waiting around for up to half an hour would have been irritating (and not fair).

Having helped scores and scores of businesses and business buyers I can’t imagine (the vast majority of) my clients treating their clients like Amazon is treating their employees. If you put yourself in the shoes of the other person you often see things from a different perspective.

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