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While I like LinkedIn for certain things like finding people, researching people and making contacts, at the same time I have to admit I’m perplexed by all of the endorsements I get, including:

  • Being endorsed by someone I don’t know
  • Endorsements from people whom I’ve never worked with on the type of project they’re endorsing me for.
  • Endorsements for things I don’t do, like training and start-ups.

Somewhere and somehow people have been convinced that if you have a lot of endorsements people will hire you. As most of my contacts are with peers, other advisors, I have to wonder if prospective clients really take all these endorsements from my friends seriously.

First, I’m in a relationship business. Endorsements don’t matter if we can’t relate to each other. Second, don’t people care most about the results that they’ll get (the value)?

Maybe I’m missing out on the “Secret LinkedIn handshake” that let’s me decode and understand all of this.

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