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On Friday, February 22, 2013 there was a ceremony to award a dozen ladies who started sewing lessons one year ago. At that time they barely knew what a pattern is. At the event they models clothes which they made.

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My wife, Jan, and two friends planted the seed when they started basic lessons in 2012. The seed was germinated cared for as the lessons were continued by the head tailor of the Antigua Military. What a great example of cooperation between Rotary, a community center and outside help. The clothes modeled for us was the fruit of all the care and effort.

Sustainability is always a problem in developing nations, yet this project sustained itself and because of that another sewing center was started this month on another part of the island.

We had some incredibly proud ladies who received certificates from the Prime Minister. Besides the clothes they made success can also be measured by confidence and self-esteem and opportunity. Jan said that ladies who wouldn’t look you in the eye or speak a year ago were now modeling their clothes with flair. Three of the ladies are talking about starting a business making and selling clothes.

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