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The other day our washing machine started flashing some error codes. Our first reaction was, “oh no” because we had just replaced our dryer and didn’t need another shopping trip, more hassle and time without being able to do laundry.

As I read the troubleshooting card and pondered the situation it struck me that the washing machine is really a computer driven piece of equipment. So, I did what we do when our computers get sluggish, our Internet stops working or our smartphones slowdown. I rebooted it. Pulled the plug, waited a minute and plugged it back in. Since then it’s worked fine.

Everything needs an occasional reboot, right? Isn’t that what weekends and vacations are for?

Our businesses need a reboot also. Last year one-sixth of my revenue was from things I didn’t do two years ago, and this was by design. At a recent meeting with some clients our presenter made the point that there are opportunities all around us. We just have to not be constrained by what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.

Ask yourself if it’s time to reboot your business so you can get some fresh ideas and strategies. If I can help in this area, let me know.

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