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While working on the marketing for my Rotary club’s fundraiser, the Bellevue 10K, our consultant said that many races are giving everybody a “finishers medal.” Whether you take first, last or are in the middle, you get a medal, which create a sponsorship opportunity!

I looked at our historical demographics and noticed that 55% of runners are under age 40, and 81% under 50. Not coincidently, this is the age group that, as kids, got a trophy for taking last place in their soccer (or baseball, basketball, etc.) league.

It’s also the same time period that schools started the self-esteem push. You’re all great, you’re all wonderful, don’t worry about anything else. (I know, I remember it at the school my kids went to and where my wife worked.)

Something to keep in mind when dealing with people in that age range, whether they’re employees, customers or suppliers. Not that all of them are like that, but as finishers medals show, it’s something important in many peoples lives.

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